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Resilient wheels

 Bonatrans rubber sprung resilient wheels significantly reduce noise levels generated by railway wheels during passage through curves, but also when driving straight. They contribute significantly to improvement of the surrounding environment. They also reduce wear and tear of wheel tyres and rails. This results in reductions of operating costs.

Their utilization proves to be advantageous especially in densely populated areas, i.e. in urban and suburban mass transport.

Rubber segments made of a special rubber installed between the wheel disk and tyre significantly reduce wheel vibrations. In contrast to other designs of resilient wheels, the Bonatrans design does not utilize bolts to connect the tyre with the wheel centre and therefore the Bonatrans rubber sprung wheel has lower weight, it is more compact and allows assembly of various devices on the wheel plate (brake disks, driving pins, etc.).

Bonatrans resilient wheels have been designed with the goal of minimizing service costs. The wheel design allows quick replacement directly under the railcar with no need to release the bogie.

The Bonatrans a.s. tramway wheel family is extended continuously for further utilization in other types of vehicles. Individual types are modified flexibly according to required diameters, treads, connection dimensions and other customer requirements, including installation of brake disks.

Batrans rubber sprung wheels have been used successfully in many European cities, especially in Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

You can obtain more information on rubber sprung wheel here.

Principle of Bonatrans rubber
sprung wheel (from left: wheel
centre, flexible segments,
tyre, clamping ring, locking ring)

Damping parameters of
Bonatrans resilient wheel.

Section of resilient wheel
with brake disks for 160-kph

Section of resilient wheel
for axle-free bogie of
low-floor tramways