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Bonatrans stress optimized wheels and wheelsets

 Efforts to improve their competitive position has led railway manufacturers and users of rolling stock among others to the following measures:

  • increasing wagon axle loading
  • higher levels of rolling stock utilization
  • reduction of life cycle costs (LCC)
  • new brake materials, new braking modes

The objective of the above measures is to improve the efficiency of railway transport. However, consequences include much higher demands on the safety and service life of the rolling stock and parts thereof, i.e. also wheelsets, wheels and axles.

To respond to these requirements, Bonatrans has developed and supplies low-stress optimized wheelsets, which have especially the following parameters:

  • Small lateral deformation of the wheel plate – reduction of permanent deformation of the wheel rim against the hub improves the safety of the vehicle’s passage through turnouts and other line devices.
  • Low residual stress level – reduction of residual peripheral tensile stresses and good parameters of fracture toughness of the wheel material reduce risks of formation and promotion of cracks in the wheel rim.
  • Long service life – wheel design allows higher number of re-profiling compared with normal UIC-ORE wheels.
  • High load-carrying capacity – wheels are designed for axle loading of up to 25 tonnes in compliance with UIC 510-5 specification.

All of the above properties guarantee better safety and longer service life of wheels with optimized design in comparison with up-to-now used types.


Bonatrans 29 wheel

  • Wheel is characterized by its low weight - from 312 kg for a wheel with a diameter of 920 mm
  • Axle load up - 25 tonnes and more
  • Certificates: UIC (510-5), DB (Ba 314/324), SBB (Db10/77/97), SNCB, ČD, ŽS, PKP, VR, Network Rail and more
  • Certified to TSI in accordance with the subsystem “Rolling Stock - Freight Wagons”
Wheel Bonatrans 29

Wheel Bonatrans 29

BBS wheel (i.e. Bonatrans Brake Stability)

  • Wheel is characterized by a very high resistance to thermal loading when braking using block brake. Therefore, it is best suitable for application of modern composite brake blocks (K, L, LL).
  • Axle load up to 25 tonnes
  • Certificates: UIC (510-5), DB (Ba 318/319), SBB (Db-11sa), SNCB and more
  • Certified to TSI in accordance with the subsystem “Rolling Stock - Freight Wagons”
  • Wheel is patented.
Wheel BBS

Wheel BBS

Besides the standard diameter of 920, there are ofcourse other different wheel sizes available.

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