Closed Joint-stock company "Inforta" is founded in 2006. At present in the company works 6 persons. The main activity of the company is delivery of:

* - elements of the track structure;

* - railway signaling systems’ elements;

* - tram, locomotive and carload wheels;

* - insulating materials, sealants for manufacturing enterprises of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States.


Employees of the company have experience in the above mentioned areas since 1998. Thanks to long-term work in the market we have successful relations with such enterprises as:

The Lithuanian railways;

The Latvian railways;

The Estonian railways;

The Belarus railway;

Ignalina nuclear station;

Tram depots of Latvia, Estonia, Belarus;

The various railway building companies of the Baltic States and the CIS;


Our company is the representative of:

- The Czech manufacturer «Bonatrans group a.s.», which is one of world leaders on manufacture of wheels and axes for a rolling stock;

- The “W.L. GORE and ASSOCIATES GMBH” company, the manufacturer of high-quality sealants, whose production is known all over the world and is widely applied in industrial production;

- Open Society joint venture "Gomel electrotechnical factory", the manufacturer of garniture for switches and electric operations;

- Urals Optical & Mechanical plant;

- JSC "Murom switch plant", the manufacturer of railways switches;

- JSC "Dnepropetrovsk switch plant", the manufacturer of railways switches;

- Open Joint Venture " Brest electrotechnical factory", the manufacturer of railway signaling systems’ elements;

- "Paul Muller Technische Produkte Gmbh", the manufacturer of plastic products for needs of the railways;

- Joint-Stock Company NPP "Class", the manufacturer of means of body armor, engineering means;

- WIKOV MGI a.s., the manufacturer of gear boxes;

- KMT International, s.r.o., the manufacturer of automatic machines for restoration of tram ways and railway switches.

With confidence it is possible to tell that any of our partners has no any claims both concerning quality of given services, and in questions of professionalism of collective of the company.

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