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Noise absorbing rings Rings represent financially undemanding method of noise supression. They offer low weight and purchase price, however, their suppression effect is lower and their service life is limited to the service life of the wheel. They are used in cases where lower absorption suffices to meet the noise limit. More details
Composite absorbers Composite noise and vibration absorbers consist of a combination of several various material layers that are selected for maximum suppression of vibrations for a particular wheel type. Currently, the suppression effect reaches a quality level of up to 5dB(A) for rolling noise, up to 30 dB(A) for screeching noise, and further research is ongoing with the aim of improving these values. The service life of this absorber is higher compared with the ring, since it is not limited to the wheel service life. Low weight (up to 10 kg), possibility of application to all wheel types and simple and reliable method of fixation to the wheel predetermione this absorber for wide utilization. More details